keyboard and music symbols

Charles Kennedy, nickname Corky, is a singer, songwriter, and gifted musician who just happens to be my brother.

He has been writing songs and playing the piano as far back as anyone can remember. Growing up in a musical family where our father was a gospel singer and minister, music always filled our home.

My earliest memories are of my brother and I playing music together. Back then, it was me beating on pots and pans while he sang and played air guitar. It was real for us then and it is real now.

Creating unique and soulful sounds that come from his love and passion for music, and that reach into the hearts of others is something that brings him great satisfaction.

There was never the desire to be famous or pursue a typical career in music but rather love and appreciation of this amazing gift of expression.

It is not about the way anything looks or appears, it is about the music that comes from the soul and speaks in a language anyone can understand.

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